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26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków

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2023 / 90 min / color

Two American girls, Hanna and Liv (played by Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick), are best friends who have decided to spend the summer backpacking around Australia. When they run out of money, their only option to extend their trip seems to be getting a seasonal job. They choose the only bar on a mining settlement in a rural area — the place where all the locals gather. The pub is owned by Billy (Hugo Weaving), who, along with the locals, introduces the girls to a peculiar atmosphere, filled with alcohol, provocative looks from men and sexist jokes. In order to last a few weeks here the two girls will need a lot of mental fortitude and a specific plan. Particularly when they end up in a predicament that quickly spirals out of control. In her new film, gifted Australian director Kitty Green pits female strength and solidarity against toxic masculinity. Setting the action of The Royal Hotel in the Australian wilderness, she builds an atmospheric story that is both a gripping thriller and a high-octane revenge movie.


  • San Sebastián IFF – RTVE-Otra Miranda Award


Kitty Green


Kitty Green, Oscar Redding


Michael Latham


Jed Palmer


Julia Garner, Jessica Henwick, Herbert Nordrum, Hugo Weaving, Dylan River




Language: English
Subtitles: Polish

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