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26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków

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Technology is an essential part of modern life, affecting almost every aspect of our existence. It’s difficult to imagine everyday life without a smart-phone, a computer, or access to the Internet. Rapid advances in technology also contribute significantly to the development of medicine, and artificial intelligence may soon revolutionize the labor market. The dynamic rise of social media has in turn affected modes of communication, while the virtual universes of online chat rooms and popular games have made it possible to construct alternative identities. We live in a time when the easiest way to arrange a date is by using a dating app. The topic of new technologies and their impact on people and the environment has long preoccupied filmmakers, particularly when it comes to imagining bleak visions of a future world in which technology has gone rogue. We’re more interested in the here and now, mainly because this theme is no longer the domain of the science fiction genre — it’s present in almost every film, from psychological dramas to comedies and thrillers. In this year’s section of the Mastercard OFF CAMERA festival, we will reflect on both the light and dark sides of technological development as an inherent element of the modern world: from how it has changed human relationships to its impact on the environment, and ultimately the key question: can we live without it?

Excess Will Save Us

Excess Will Save Us

Dir.: Morgane Dziurla-Petit

2022, 100 min.

Plan 75

Plan 75

Dir.: Chie Hayakawa

2022, 113 min.



Dir.: Harshad Nalawade

2023, 100 min.

After Yang

After Yang

Dir.: Kogonada

2021, 96 min.

Perfect Boyfriend


Dir.: Kaori Kinoshita, Alain Della Negra

2022, 88 min.

Zezwól na powiadomienia OK Nie, dziękuję