International Festival
of Independent Cinema

26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków

Storytellers by Storytel

Once more we invite you to take part in a TV series focused event, held during the MASTERCARD Off Camera Festival. Storytellers will take place in Krakow, on 29th of April – 2nd of May. It is an annual event dedicated to serialized narratives of all shapes and forms. It is a celebration of engaging stories, paying attention to the quality of storytelling, not only to the commercial potential of certain titles. It is a chance to present original, revolutionary episodic narratives, both adapted and original; an opportunity to encounter writers, producers, actors and actresses taking part in creating a nuanced, mutifaceted story and characters. Storytellers also allows us to speak of film franchises, narrative video games, episodic audiobooks, and any popular popcultural universes using different forms of storytelling. It provides a great space for workshops, and can be used for creating ellaborate stories, which will in return help inspire Polish creative industry, as well as help TV series fans to look deeper into the narrative world.

Storytellers is free to all attendees. All events included in the programme are held in MOS and Plac Szczepański in Kraków, as well as online – via MASTERCARD Off Camera social media profiles and

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