International Festival
of Independent Cinema

26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków

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2023 / 85 min / color

Jirka and Aneta have been a couple for quite some time. They’ve become used to their quiet, comfortable life and stable relationship. They’re not in any rush to make major life decisions; they enjoy living in the cozy apartment they inherited. One night everything changes, when Jirka’s long-lost mother Valerie (a superb performance by Simona Peková) knocks on their door. She’s despotic, moody and over-the-top, and brings chaos and confusion into the couple’s tidy world, constantly testing and violating their boundaries. As her supposedly short visit grows longer and longer it becomes apparent she has no intention to leave… Co-directors Jan Vejnar and Tomáš Pavlíček present a toxic parent story full of dark humor. Juxtaposing the conventions of realist dramas, sitcoms and horror movies, they show viewers how sometimes the worst nightmares and monsters are hidden in plain sight, taking on a seemingly docile and innocent form.


Jan Vejnar, Tomáš Pavliček


Jan Vejnar, Tomáš Pavliček


Šimon Dvořáček


Aid Kid


Simona Peková, Annette Nesvadbová, Jiří Rend


Czech Republic


Language: Czech
Subtitles: Polish, English


Zezwól na powiadomienia OK Nie, dziękuję