International Festival
of Independent Cinema

28.04 – 7.05.2023, Kraków


2023 / 100 min / color

The protagonist of this moving family drama is a teenager named Jeremy. As the only man in the home, he feels responsible for his mother and younger sister. But the family relations are fraught with tension, stemming from the difficult life changes of adolescence as well as Jeremy’s hidden grief for his absent father. When his mother tries to get involved in his private life, he reacts with aggression. Add bad self-esteem to the mix, and it becomes the perfect breeding ground for extremist ideology, which Jeremy gradually falls into. He gets the misguided impression that it’s an environment where he won’t be judged, and for the first time in a long time he can feel understood. Dutch director Remy van Heugten creates a realistic portrait of difficult family relationships. Although he focuses on the point of view of a rebellious teenager, he also reflects on the situation of a mother trying to find a balance between family life and the right to her own happiness. Mascotte was one of the major discoveries of the recent Rotterdam Film Festival.


  • Vancouver IFF – Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Maartje Remmers), Best Cinematography


Remy van Heugten


Remy van Heugten, Gustaaf Peek


Mark van Aller


Jorrit Kleijnen, Jacob Meijer


Frederike van Oordt, Geert Van Rampelberg, Leopold Witte, Liam Jeans, Maartje Remmers




Language: Dutch
Subtitles: Polish, English