International Festival
of Independent Cinema

28.04 – 7.05.2023, Kraków

Marianne Blicher

Polish Feature Film Competition Jury

Director, visual artist and scriptwriter

Danish director, visual artist and scriptwriter Marianne Blicher is an award winning filmmaker based in Copenhagen. She is a graduate from the Danish film school Super16 and holds a Master’s in visual communication from RUC. Blicher started her career working as a stage manager in theater and as a producer in film, before she found her right path as a writing director. Her award-winning short films MALLORCA, BELINDA BEAUTIFUL, REFLECTIONS and ODD JOB MAN have been competing at more than 100 festivals, are used for educational purposes and have been sold to television stations like VRT in Belgium and DR in Denmark. In 2022 Blicher premiered with her first feature film the multi awarded MISS VIBORG, which has won more than 14 main awards around the world at reputed festivals such as Mastercard OFF Camera, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Monte-Carlo Film Festival, Magnolia Independent Film Festival and at Winter Film Awards. MISS VIBORG also premiered in Danish cinemas in April 2022 and has been sold to several countries. Right now, Blicher is working on her next feature film.

selected filmography:

Miss Viborg (2021)
Belinda Beautiful (2012)
Odd Job Man