International Festival
of Independent Cinema

26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków


2022/ 84 min / color

The main character of Anna Kasperska’s film is a teenager named Hela, a rebellious girl who gets shuffled around from one children’s home to another, unable to fit in. She dreams of becoming the guardian of her younger sister Zuzia. When Hela learns that Zuzia has found a family willing to adopt her, she knows she has no time to lose: this might be her last chance to get her beloved sister back before losing her for good. Hela decides to escape, and sets off on a journey across Poland to find Zuzia and fight for her happy family. Hela, played with great conviction by the very talented Marta Stalmierska, shows great courage and determination, but she’s put to a serious test when she has to act like an adult. Anna Kasperska’s feature directorial debut is a story about the need for intimacy, the fear of loss, and the strength of family ties. Ultimately, Hela is a compelling story about the need to grow up in a hurry in order to make informed, responsible decisions.



dir. Anna Kasperska


dir. Anna Kasperska


Lucas Aimo


Monika Szpyrka


Marta Stalmierska, Martyna Zuzola, Bogdan Lachendrowicz, Artur Pierściński, Alina Chechelska




Language: Polish
Subtitles: English