International Festival
of Independent Cinema

28.04 – 7.05.2023, Kraków

Festival Club HEVRE

Date: 28th April – 7th May 2023

Location: Hevre, Beera Meiselsa 18 Street

This year’s festival club is the perfect place to talk about the films seen as part of Mastercard OFF CAMERA. But there’s more, as a special menu will be waiting there throughout the festival! Hevre is also participating in the Off Spots program, which means that by holding a festival pass or ticket and paying with Mastercard, you will receive a 15% discount.

There are also two DJ parties in store on Fridays – April 28 and May 5.

28th April (Friday) 8:00 PM – 03.00 AM

Kaj’t (Orion Orient/Estropical)

Although he began his adventure with turntables in 2000, it was not until 2004 that he became known to the Krakow public. He is an admirer of analog sound. His initial fascination with dry minimals waned when he noticed how much live instruments bring to the (turn)table. Digging through pawnshops and stores, he searched for sounds that were more versatile. He was moved by everything from jazz and bossa nova to reggae and folk. Over time, all of these styles have evolved into a coherent collection, whose freshness and unconventionality invariably fascinate on the dance floor. The type of music played at his events is described as a fusion of tropical and electronic music…a blend of styles and genres.


Born in `78, he comes from Pszczyna, but has lived in Kraków for years. Since 2003 he has been playing regularly both in Krakow clubs and elsewhere. Associated with such venues as Rentgen, Baraka (his second home of many years), and Pauza. After meddling with different types of music, he focuses more closely on the trend centered around break-beat and funk music, which gives him the most pleasure. When he returned to his roots by playing the bass guitar again, his fascination with the music of the 1970s, which has been running through his life all the time, returned. This also brought about a love for the later works of musicians of the 1980s and beyond. The current mish-mash of music is the product of “rummaging” through music, which can be heard in the range of music styles: from reggae to ethnic sounds to eighties classics. Cross-sectionality, music expertise and his fanatical life optimism are a perfect combination, which everyone will appreciate during poosh-keen’s sets both at a party and at home.

5th May (Friday) 8:00 PM – 03.00 AM

Kuba Karaś

Composer, author and producer. Founder of The Dumplings. Currently, together with Piotr Rogucki (Coma), he forms the Karaś/Rogucki band. He produced or co-produced all of The Dumplings’ albums as well as Marcelina’s “Koniec wakacji” album. He is the music producer of Julia Wieniawa and Ofelia. He has also worked with Szczyl, Tymek and Catz’N Dogz. In Marcelina’s “Zwierzęta origami” he has made his debut as director.


Kfjatek is a Krakow-based DJ, promoter, and vinyl records collector, collaborating with many cult venues. He also performs as DJ Falafel and promotes non-eurocentric sounds under his new alias, focusing primarily on the sounds of the Middle East, the African continent, and South America. Together with the Eggplant Man (Człowiek Bakłażan), he forms the Feeria collective. Resident DJ at Klub Alchemia.

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