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26.04 – 05.05.2024, Kraków

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Do The Right Thing

For many decades now, crime and delinquency have been one of the most popular themes for audiences of film and other media worldwide. This is evidenced, for example, by the popularity of “true crime” series and podcasts, which literally get devoured by the public. And it’s no wonder — nothing can hold you in suspense as effectively as a skillfully constructed and staged crime story. The conventions of courtroom dramas and stories about toying with the legal system have been eagerly and skillfully rewritten in recent years by female filmmakers and arthouse auteurs, as demonstrated by Justine Triet winning the Palme d’Or at the latest Cannes Film Festival for “Anatomy of a Fall,” her masterful take on the genre.

In this year’s new Mastercard OFF CAMERA section, we look at the changes in narrative approaches specific to courtroom and crime dramas. Among other considerations, we observe their gender-based ramifications, cultural significance and social impact. These films ask fundamental questions about the nature of crime and punishment itself, and the very concept of rightful conduct – what constitutes doing the right thing?

Section partners are Rzeczpospolita and

A Silence


Dir.: Joachim Lafosse

2023, 100 min.

The Paragon

The Paragon

Dir.: Michael Duignan

2023, 83 min.

Upon Open Sky


Dir.: Mariana Arriaga, Santiago Arriaga

2023, 117 min.

Hesitation Wound


Dir.: Selman Nacar

2023, 84 min.

The Successor


Dir.: Xavier Legrand

2023, 107 min.

Red Rooms


Dir.: Pascal Plante

2023, 118 min.



Dir.: Christian Andersen

2023, 103 min.

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