International Festival
of Independent Cinema

28.04 – 7.05.2023, Kraków


2022 / 105 min/ color

The daring second film from Czech director Adam Sedlák, shot entirely on an iPhone, takes the viewer on a wild and thrilling journey through Prague at night. The protagonist, Alex (Adam Mišík) dreams of being famous and wants to become a rapper, but in the meantime he works as a drug dealer and supposedly has the best stuff in town. Unexpectedly, he gets an incredible opportunity — to record a track with a well-known musician — but there’s a limited time window and it’s going to cost him a lot of money. Much like the designer clothes he likes to wear. Alex starts a race against time, getting involved in drug-fueled parties and meeting weird clients, artsy types, and high-as-a-kite friends along way. Sedlák does much more than just present the lives of modern-day young people: he follows Alex on a crazy ride through trendy clubs, sketchy apartments and all-night parties. It all unfolds against the dynamic beat of hip-hop and the illicit substances consumed by a tapestry of characters.


Adam Sedlák


Adam Sedlák


Dušan Husár


Oliver Torr


Adam Mišik, Marsell Bendig, Sergei Barracuda, Anna Fialová


Czech Republic


Language: Czech
Subtitles: Polish, English